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Using dispute resolution skills to prevent conflict

26 April 2017

Time: 5:30 PM -7:30 PM
Venue: Victoria University
Lecture Theatre RO1.02
Queen Street Campus
295 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000
(entry via Little Lonsdale Street)

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$35.00 Guests

$10.00 Student members

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Wednesday 26 April, Melbourne

At the root of many conflicts is a clash of unspoken assumptions, or hopes and expectations that haven’t been met. Mediation is well-established as a method for resolving disputes once they have escalated to the point of stalled negotiations, breached contracts, broken relationships and overt hostility. The ability to flush out and address underlying concerns, re-frame arguments and value divergent perspectives is second nature to mediators. But what if the skills and attributes of the mediator could be utilised long before a dispute has even arisen? These skills can make us more effective negotiators and even influence the way we draft contracts.

Join the Mediation & Facilitative Special Interest Group to gain a better understanding of how to apply DR skills in a wide range of situations, not just dispute resolution. You will also learn how these skills and attributes can be applied to non-DR processes such as in drafting contracts and managing conflict in general. Bring your own scenarios for the speakers to review as part of the Q&A session or afterward while enjoying some light refreshments.

About our presenters

Olivia Davis has been a DR pracititioner since 2001. An accredited mediator, she was employed in the industry ombudsman sector for 15 years, during which time she conducted hundreds of conciliation conferences, coached trainee mediators, managed teams of dispute handlers and presented at conferences on the topic of dispute resolution. Olivia completed a Master of Dispute Resolution in 2015, with her thesis about conflict literacy. Olivia recently took on the role of Quality Manager for the complaints department of a large financial services provider. Olivia’s vision is for a world where the ability to re-frame, tolerate ambiguity, and welcome diverse perspectives, is normal.

Camilla Baasch Andersen (via video link) is Professor of International Commercial Law at the University of Western Australia. Camilla’s interest in using mediation skills in contract negotiations has led her to research the pro-active law movement, which looks at preventing conflicts from arising and re-thinks the role of the lawyer in facilitating more agile contracts. Camilla is a Trade Law Expert for UNCITRAL and sits on the UNCITRAL Australian Co-ordination Committee. She works closely with business, government and academia in pursuit of Commercial Law facilitating trade, and has written extensively on the CISG, international commerce, pro-active approaches to law and comparative commercial law. She maintains her fellowship at the Institute of International Commercial Law at Pace Law School (New York) supporting the Kritzer Database. For more details visit: