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Masterclass series: Dispute Resolution skills for the public and community service sectors

with Shiv Martin

Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 June | 9am - 5pm AEST | Sydney

A masterclass providing essential skills and expertise required to succeed in conflict resolution in public service roles designed and delivered by Shiv Martin.Overview

Dispute resolution practitioners working for government agencies face unique challenges and opportunities. In addition to understanding fundamental mediation skills, they must also be skilled in negotiation, complaints management and stakeholder relations. Their work requires the ability to understand and work within what is often a complex framework of legislation and public policy. Public service conflict managers are instrumental in maintaining public confidence in government as they deliver fair and timely outcomes. Public servants routinely juggle a high workload environment, with limited resources, challenging stakeholders, and policy constraints.


This two-day masterclass is aimed at public servants who are seeking to consolidate and extend their skills in public service conflict resolution.

The two-day face to face masterclass is designed to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different conflict resolution models (assisted negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and decision making).

  • Understanding how to build trust and rapport with users of your services

  • Exploring the conflict resolution models utilised by different Courts, Tribunal, Commissions, Authorities and Ombudsman organisations.

  • Exploring the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice as they apply to conflict resolution.

  • Identifying and managing different sources of power imbalances.

  • Demonstrating practical skills for communication with challenging stakeholders

  • Building expertise in designing better systems and building teams for effective and efficient conflict resolution.

In addition to learning from the trainer and guest speakers, masterclass participants will also have the invaluable opportunity of connecting and learning from each other, as experienced public service conflict managers.

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About the trainer

Shiv Martin

Shiv is an Assistant Information Commissioner, Conciliator and Mediation skills trainer and coach. Working as a mediator, conciliator and decision-maker ensures Shiv is well aware of how different conflict resolution models can be applied in different public service contexts. Shiv has worked with a range of public sector bodies including the South Australian Ombudsman, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Office of the Information Commissioner (Qld), National Sports Tribunal, NDIS Commission, Accident and Compensation, Conciliation Service and staff from many others in coaching and training teams of conflict resolution practitioners to improve their practice