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Powerful words that move, and shift and shape, and create in mediation

with David Mitchell

Thursday 29 September 2022 | 5pm (5.30pm start) – 7pm Adelaide Time | Belperio Clark Lawyers, 94 Sturt St, Adelaide
***Important Announcement - Event moved online***
This is to keep you posted that this event will now take place virtually. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. For attendees who registered for the face to face format, you will now be moved to virtual platform. We will be live streaming. Please Click here to register.

A mediator’s word awareness and usage can be a significant factor in mediation

Words are powerful: they can be helpful/harmful, authentic/deceptive, revealing /concealing, concise/confusing .

Based on over 45 years of counselling, dispute resolution, and latterly, mediation, David Mitchell, will expound on the practical uses, psychology and neuroscience of words and listening skills and their impact within mediation and negotiation. Practical and interactive breakouts will enable registrants to learn and use such knowledge by the end of the presentation.

This presentation will enable any professional dealing/interacting with people to listen, intuitively understand, comprehend, cognitively empathise, and appropriately respond. This will enhance the communication-connection and create integrity, truthfulness and trust within any discourse.


Gain CPD points

Learn how to focus on the needs of others as expressed in their words

Enhance your listening and connective skills.

We will be live streaming. Please Click here to register if you are unable to attend in person.

About the presenters

David Mitchell

David spent 43 years as a GP in Integrative medicine dealing with chronic illness, caring for those who had fallen through the cracks in the pavement of mainstream medicine. He retired at 70 then earnt a master’s in health management (Uni New Engl.) and began mediating.
Throughout these careers, David has been counsellor, mentor , lecturer, presenter, and author. He monthly contributes a researched and referenced article for RI Pulse ezine focussing on twin categories: The process of mediation and the personal development ( psychological, sociological, cultural) of a mediator. These articles and extensive references will be the foundations for an exclusive, online Mediator Learning Portal for Resolution Institute members at all levels of experience and competance. Completion is expected by end 2022.

Thanks to Belperio Clark Lawyers, for generously hosting this event.

Please Help Those In Need - Belperio Clark are part of Rotary's "Share the Care" and asks that those attending a CPD to bring non-perishable food, household cleaning products or personal care products. All go directly to Anglicare/Westcare/Salvos homeless and those in need support services - an effective and direct way to help.