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PDG event | Expert evidence and report writing

with Rob Zikmann and Paul Ratcliff

Thursday 27 June 2019 | Sydney

Expert Evidence and Report Writing - a barrister and a building consultant's perspectives.

The forum will focus on the nature of expert evidence in building disputes and the use of expert reports in legal proceedings. The legal and practical aspects of this important topic will be covered by the presenters.

This will be a joint presentation with Rob addressing some of the important legal issues and Paul offering useful insights on the preparation of expert reports from the perspective of a building consultant.

About the presenters

Rob Zikmann

Rob Zikmann is a barrister with seventeen years experience at the NSW bar. He has a specialisation in building and construction law, arbitration, mediation and expert determination. Prior to his legal career he was a professional consultant and project manager in the building industry.

Paul Ratcliff

Paul Ratcliff is an experienced building consultant who for many years has provided expert reports and given expert evidence in the courts and tribunals of NSW. While his specialisation is in waterproofing failures and defects he has an enviable reputation for preparing high quality expert reports on most types of building failures within his professional expertise.