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PDG event | Breaking impasses in mediation and negotiation – Applied lessons from systems thinking

with Bradley Chenoweth

Thursday 25 July 2019 | Perth | 5.30pm for 6.00pm start

Insights and methods from systems thinking serve and support dispute resolution practitioners in their work with parties to navigate the various impasses in both the insight-creation and solution-making aspects of their craft. In this presentation we will focus on:

  • the distinction between technical and adaptive challenges in negotiation and the different approaches required of each;
  • the three ‘languages’ parties speak in negotiation, the needs of each and translating between them for more effective comprehension of issues and solution making; and
  • the interface between open and closed systems in negotiation and the effective engagement of each.

At the end of this short presentation it is hoped participants will have additional frameworks and tools to serve their reflective-thinking and practice.

About the presenter

Bradley Chenoweth

Bradley is lead trainer and fellow with Resolution Institute and has 25 years’ experience as a mediator of commercial, organisational, community and cross-cultural disputes. He teaches mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution in professional programs; and is visiting fellow to the Law Schools at ANU and UWA.

Bradley is also a senior consultant with Dialogos International and an action researcher with the Presencing Institute; these organisations are based in Boston and their principals are thought- and practice-leaders in systems change at MIT. In this context, Bradley facilitates and coaches leaders and their teams in transformation projects globally.

Thanks to Jackson McDonald for generously supporting this event.