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Online | VIC | From the Trenches - How dispute resolvers are coping with COVID-19

with Jon Kenfield, Michelle Royal-Hebblewhite, Jodie Grant, Nufar Gofman, Rebecca Cameron, Wayne Harbor, Anna Lee Cribb and Susan Hamilton-Green

Wednesday 5 August 2020 | Online

From the Trenches - How Dispute Resolvers are coping with COVID-19

The Victorian Professional Development Group (PDG) at Resolution Institute is reaching out to members in Victoria.

This will be an opportunity for members to catch up with their peers to talk about how they’re going; share ideas for innovative dispute resolution practice in a Pandemic, and communicate ideas or suggestions you would like your committee to work on.

We will commence with introductions, and then divide participants into break out rooms. Please indicate your area of practice/ interest in your RSVP, so we can set this up in advance.

At the end of the session we plan to bring everyone back together to provide feedback, summaries and collect ideas for future projects.

Please register your interest with Resolution Institute to qualify for CPD, and email us on groups@resolution.institute indicating your primary area of DR practice interest and we will send you a Zoom link one week prior to the event.

We look forward to you joining us.

About the facilitators

Jon Kenfield
Profession: Chartered Accountant, Solutionist
DR Qualifications: Grade 1 Arbitrator, Advanced Mediator (RI/NMAS), Facilitator, Expert Determiner (finance & accounting)
Specialist Areas: Commercial Dispute Resolution, especially family business conflict.
DR Services: Full Service Conflict Management: Triage | Facilitation | Mediation | Expert Determination | Arbitration | SODR (Solution-Oriented Dispute Resolution)

Michelle Royal-Hebblewhite
DR Qualifications: Mediator (NMAS/MSB registered)
Specialist Areas: Health, Legal and Ethical Compliance in the Community Services sector, Sport, Education, Entertainment Industry, Neighbourhood disputes, Farming, and Environmental rights.

Jodie Grant
Building upon Social Work foundations, today Jodie is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and Mediator. Commencing work in the Family Law field nearly 20 years ago, Jodie has maintained clinical practice whilst fulfilling education and training roles, leading and supporting professional best practice. Jodie also works as a coach, FDR clinical supervisor, and Restorative Engagement Facilitator/ Direct Personal Response Facilitator.

Nufar Gofman
Nufar is a recent Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (Politics) graduate from Monash University with a keen interest in ADR. Nufar joined the committee in 2020 with a desire to learn from experienced practitioners, gain exposure to current trends in ADR and give back to the DR community. Nufar recently started working as a Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Advocate at Nissan Motor Co (Australia), in pursuit of her desired career in ADR.

Rebecca Cameron
Profession: Architect
DR Qualifications: Mediator (Resolution Institute/NMAS)
Specialist Areas: Architecture, Construction, Building Practitioner matters, Planning and the Built Environment, Design and Construction Education and Built environment Professional Practice.

Wayne Harbor
Profession: HR/Psychology
DR Qualifications: Mediator
Employed as an Employee Relations Manager, I support and guide business leaders to deliver on results through sound people management practices such as Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Industrial Relations and HR Analytics.

Over the past 25 years, I have built up specialization in workplace conflict resolution using my knowledge and skills as a Psychologist, Industrial Negotiator, Advocate and Mediator.

Anna Lee Cribb
DR Qualifications: Mediator
Specialist Areas: Workplace/Employment dispute resolution

Susan Hamilton-Green
Susan is a specialist in Family Law and Mediation. She is an FDRP, arbitrator and conflict coach, provides mediation training, coaching, and supervision, and is an adjunct lecturer and trainer for the College of Law. Susan is one of the principals of InTandem Legal Services and the principal of Creative Family Law Solutions.