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Online Masterclass | Questioning, framing and reframing (advanced mediation microskills)

with Bruce Cottrill

4, 6, 18, 20, 25 and 27 May | 4.30 - 6.00PM (NZ Time) | Online

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM (NZ Time)
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Questioning, framing and reframing – (advanced mediation micro-skills online masterclass)

This is the second in a series of online masterclasses on advanced mediation micro-skills.

The purpose of this micro-skills masterclass is firstly to create a connection between theory and practice. Good practitioners know what to do, the master practitioners know both what to do and why it works. Why the things that we do work and the theory that informs this is fundamental to masterful practice.

Secondly we will look at framing, reframing and questioning micro skills in new and interesting ways that will add depth and variation to your practice. We will practice and refine these skills during the sessions too.

Learning outcomes:

During this Masterclass which includes 6 x 1.5 hour sessions we will step by step introduce the underpinning theory that supports the subject micro skills, then look closely at applying the particular skills and we will practice using them. We will discuss the context in which we might apply and use these skills and we will explore any ethical implications that might arise.

Session 1
Participants will:
hear about and consider the theory of Macro Conflict Frames and how to identify dominant frames that are operating in a given conflict situation

Session 2
Participants will:
practice using various skills to re-frame people’s dominant macro frames and accordingly enhance the dispute resolution process and help build more endurable outcomes.

Session 3
Participants will:
hear about and consider the theory of conversational micro frames and why it is important (at times) to assist the parties to reframe the content and the implied or explicit meaning into something less conflict ladened and/or more constructive.

Session 4
Participants will:
practice using various skills to re-frame people’s conversational statements.

Session 5
Participants will:
hear about and consider the theory that underpins powerful questioning.

Session 6
Participants will:
practice constructing appropriate questioning according to context and circumstances.

Each session will offer a blend of theory, discussion and practice opportunities.

This online masterclass is targeted at dispute resolvers who have done mediation training, begun practice and are now seeking opportunities to enrich and enhance their theory, understanding and skill.

The timing of these sessions will be:

  • Tuesday 4 May (4.30 – 6pm)
  • Thursday 6 May (4.30 – 6pm)
  • Tuesday 18 May (4.30 – 6pm)
  • Thursday 20 May (4.30 – 6pm)
  • Tuesday 25 May (4.30 – 6pm)
  • Thursday 27 May (4.30 – 6pm)

The sessions will be run online utilizing a Zoom meeting platform with the trainer and participants all on screen. Participant numbers will be limited to 15 to enable interactive engagement.

Further advanced mediation micro-skills topics this year will include:

Reality testing
Private sessions
Managing emotions and difficult behaviour

About the trainer

Bruce Cottrill
Dispute Resolver, Teacher, Trainer, Coach

Bruce Cottrill has been a dispute resolver for over 30 years.  His practice has been broad and varied. He is a well-regarded and experienced teacher, trainer, coach, consultant and practitioner of dispute resolution. 

Bruce has undertaken many multi-party high profile public and private mediations, as well as conducting numerous independent employment related investigations.  His professional background also includes change management, accident prevention consulting to ACC, disaster event recovery and farming on his own account. 

Bruce lectured in Dispute Resolution at Massey University for 18 years.  He has a Masters in Conflict Management from La Trobe University as well as dispute resolution, industrial relations and business studies graduate and post graduate diplomas from Massey and Victoria Universities.

Timing: Please note these sessions run from 4.30 - 6.00pm NZ time.

Technology required: Zoom application, PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone, Internet connection, sound/speakers or a headset and an in-built microphone.

Accessing the Online Masterclass

Online masterclasses are run using Zoom as our online platform.

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  • Do I need to attend all the sessions?

    The intention is that the topic is delivered across the 6 sessions. The registration cost is for the 6 sessions.

  • Can I choose to pay for and attend only one of the sessions?

    These are not being sold individually.

  • Will the sessions be recorded so if I miss one I can catch up?

    No the sessions won’t be recorded, as everyone is on screen we would have to have permission from all. The intention is that these are interactive sessions.