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On demand | CPD event | Legal reasoning across commercial disputes

with The Hon. Patrick Keane AC QC, (High Court Justice), Russell Thirgood (Chartered and Grade 1 Arbitrator), And Amber Williams (CEO, Resolution Institute)

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Ever wondered how a judge and an arbitrator make decisions?

Why not hear from The Hon. Patrick Keane AC QC, (High Court Justice) and Russell Thirgood (Chartered and Grade 1 Arbitrator) as they unpack this very question.

Session context:

The rise of international commercial arbitration, which benefited enormously from the creation of the New York Convention in 1956, has provided the commercial world with some form of enforceable global rule of law. This even includes nation states that operate without a functioning domestic rule of law. This rule of law that exists in individual states and across the globe has broader implications than just for those disputes which are resolved by arbitrators and judges.

These days, most commercial disputes are settled through some form of negotiation, whether assisted by independent neutral parties or not. Those discussions take place in, and are framed by, the 'shadow of the law'. But how does the rule of law actually work? How do arbitrators and judges think and make decisions? This event, Chaired by Dean Aitchison (Chair of the Queensland Determinative Committee), will delve into the minds of a practising judge and arbitrator and explore the reasoning and decision-making process that they go through when delivering their final decision. Amber Williams CEO Resolution Institute will be asking some very insightful questions.

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The Hon. Patrick Keane AC QC, (High Court Justice)

Patrick Anthony Keane was appointed to the High Court in March 2013. At the time of his appointment he was Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia. He served as a judge of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Queensland from 2005-2010 before joining the Federal Court. He is a graduate of the University of Queensland and Oxford University. He was admitted to the Queensland Bar in 1977 and in 1988 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel. He was Solicitor-General for Queensland from 1992 to 2005. Justice Keane AC was appointed a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia in 2015.

Russell Thirgood

Russell is experienced in conducting arbitrations and other dispute resolution processes such as expert determination and mediation throughout Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, US, UK and Middle East. He is completely independent and has chambers in Brisbane, London and Washington DC. Russell holds hearings and conferences in person, online and with a combination of online and in person.

As arbitrator, Russell takes a modern and dynamic approach throughout the arbitration process. He is responsive to the needs of parties and their counsel to ensure the proceedings are conducted effectively and efficiently. He is considered, considerate, collaborative and concise. National and international legal directories recognise Russell as an esteemed authority on arbitration, dispute resolution and construction law.

He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and sits on the panels of international and domestic arbitral institutes.

Russell is the current Chair of The Resolution Institute (the pre-eminent dispute resolution organisation in Australia and New Zealand) and is a director of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration.

Amber Williams ​

A strategic leader with a diverse background in both the private and public sectors, Amber was the CEO of the New South Wales Law Enforcement Conduct Commission and Chief Human Resources Officer for the New South Wales Department of Justice prior to her appointment as CEO of Resolution Institute in November 2019.

In addition to her qualifications in human resource management, industrial relations and psychology, Amber is a certified member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Dean Aitchison

Dean is a solicitor at Johnson Winter and Slattery and is the Chairperson of the Determiner Committee in Queensland.