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On demand | Webinar | Early resolution tools for complaint handlers and conciliators

with Simon Roughton

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"An excellent and very practical session"

"Well presented and Simon was very easy to listen to. Some very useful strategies - thank you !"

Early resolution tools for complaint handlers and conciliators

Before an in-person or online mediation is considered there are a number of opportunities to assist those in conflict to get a complaint or conflict situation out of their lives.

This is not easy work as you are dealing with complexities, emotions, positional thinking and your main tool in the toolbox is your ability to build relationship with the parties and remain impartial and as neutral as you can.

This webinar is focused on some key tools and strategies developed over the years which somehow have been effective in getting fast and sustainable resolution of complaints. Spoiler alert - language used is key!

This webinar is aimed at those working in the complaints, conciliation or early resolution space.

About the speaker

Simon Roughton
Orb Solutions

As an independent contractor Simon Roughton runs training workshops for organisations that have a complaints process and follows up with individual coaching on effective complaint handling.

Simon also contracts to organisations offering dispute resolution services either as an early resolution specialist, consultant on scheme reviews or facilitating mediations on behalf of an organisation.

Simon, a Fellow of Resolution Institute, is also a coach and an assessor for Resolution Institute.

He has a background in education and a passion towards finding sustainable outcomes for parties in dispute. Simon is also a consumer representative on the Advisory Board for FDRS.