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CPD event | Wellington Practice Group 2021

Starts 4 March | Welllington

Facilitated by a team of members from Wellington this practice group will meet 5 times over 2021, March, May, July, September and November, offering a 1.5 hour facilitated discussion to join colleagues and share thoughts, questions and insights of dispute resolution practice.

The facilitator team will be informed by the group as to areas of focus and create a forum for discussion. If an expert voice on a particular topic is requested the facilitator team will access this through the Resolution Institute network. The group is open to all those working in dispute resolution practice which broadly sits under a facilitative model e.g. mediation, family dispute resolution, conciliation, restorative practice.

2021 Wellington Practice Group Facilitator Team (Moira Ransom, Marcus Boshier, Rebecca Pohe and Carmel Peoples).

The practice group will meet on the following dates over 2021 from 12 – 1.30pm in the Terrace Room at the Resolution Institute Office, Wellington:

  • Thursday 4 March
  • Thursday 6 May
  • Thursday 1 July
  • Thursday 2 September
  • Thursday 4 November

Once registered, we will send you a reminder in the week prior to each session. Please note all dates in your diary, these will not change.

These practice sessions are free to members. Each session will contribute 1.5 hours of CPD under the Resolution Institute mediation accreditation scheme. CPD applied for Resolution Institute members in their CPD tracker for those who register and attend.