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CPD event | Online | Gendered violence: Is mediation an option, and if not, what might be?

with Vincenzo Caltabiano, Yvette Cehtel and Sarah Bolt

Wednesday 5 May 2021 | 6-7pm AEST | Online

The session will be hosted by the Tasmanian Committee of Resolution Institute. Debbie Dunn, Chair of the committee and a director of Resolution Institute will host the evening.

The panel will discuss the questions, share their thoughts, concerns and ideas on possibilities for justice, and for re-engagement where violence has been used in a range of contexts.


Gendered violence brings with it devastating effects. Lev Vygotsky (1896-1934) known for the sociocultural theory of cognitive development proposed: ‘perpetrators of violence as an accomplice to and in the culture of violence’.

In thinking then about the possible role of mediation/ADR:

  • Is mediation an option for justice and/or re-engagement between the user of the violence and the person the subject of the violence?

  • What might the concerns be for this approach?

  • In thinking about the concerns what other ways might be possible?

  • And what might be some special considerations to incorporate into any approach?

This session will be of interest to those working with families in a support or legal context; policy makers in the area of gendered violence; mediators; facilitators of restorative work; therapists; and psychologists. The event will open up other possibilities for addressing this issue and give thought to some taken for granted truths about what is okay and what is not.

About the presenter

Vincenzo Caltabiano
Director, Legal Aid, Tasmania

Vincenzo was appointed Director of Tasmania Legal Aid on 13 May 2019 for a five-year term. Vincenzo commenced practice in Victoria in 1991 and has 17 years' experience as a private practitioner, including seven years in his own firm with the focus on family Law and criminal law.

Vincenzo spent almost 11 years at Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) in a range of roles, seven years in the criminal law program including as a duty lawyer, manager of the advocacy team and as the inaugural summary crime program manager. Vincenzo has experience in conducting complex indictable and summary crime matters. He subsequently conducted the Review of VLA Child Protection Legal Services and was later appointed as Associate Director, Child Protection Transformation at VLA.

Vincenzo is past President of Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL), Victoria and is President elect of ANZAPPL.

Yvette Cehtel
Women's legal services, CEO, Tasmania

Yvette’s has been a lawyer of 21 years including having worked as a Judges Associate, in private practice, as Legal Adviser to the Tasmanian Attorney General, as counsel with Crown Law in New Zealand, as a Barrister in New Zealand, and with the Aboriginal Legal Service in Tasmania. Yvette also managed the counselling and support team in Early Intervention Services in the north and north west for Relationships Australia, Tasmania. Yvette has a Bachelor of Laws (UTAS), Master of Law (Human Rights) Monash and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Yvette is currently the Women's legal services representative on Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA).

She has been contributing to not for profit community sector and government boards for almost 30 years. Her passion is for social justice and in particular the rights of Aborigines, women and children. She is committed to systems reform to improve the rights of those who experience structural barriers to achieving equality. This includes access to justice.

Sarah Bolt
Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Tasmania

Sarah’s career is marked by change and diversity. A legal practitioner in working private practice specialising in Industrial/employment law with an obligatory stint, for most young female lawyers, in family law. From private practice Sarah moved into the world of social justice with the Equal Opportunity Commission (South Australia) as a solicitor, conciliator, trainer and complaints manager.

Inspired by an extremely hot Adelaide summer came a change in professional direction – station leader at Mawson Station, Antarctica. In 2005 Sarah was appointed to the position of Anti–Discrimination Commissioner, Tasmania and was appointed as the Police Ombudsman (South Australia) in 2011. Sarah was re-appointed to the role of Anti–Discrimination Commissioner in Tasmania.