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CPD event | Mediation and mental health: A learning event for mediators

with Tim Jones, Holly Davis-Freeman, and Anthea Dallas

Thursday 11 August 2022 | 5.30–6.30pm AEST | Online

Join us online in this thought provoking session. Mental health issues are common across society with 1 in 7 people experiencing depression and 1 in 4 experiencing anxiety in their lifetime. Mediators need therefore to be aware of and understand the implications of mental health issues for participants and be prepared to make some accommodation. The purpose of this event is to enhance the understanding of problems with mental health, the effects, how these problems might present and how to respond to them including referral points and also explore ideas for mediators to maintain their mental wellbeing. This will include a panel of three with experience in mental health including one with lived experience.

Some of the talkings points we will cover (but not limited to):

  • Conflict and its relationship with mental wellbeing
  • How to spot the symptoms and support parties through the most common mental illnesses
  • What to do in a crisis situation
  • How to engage in relation to the appropriateness of mediation
  • Tips on looking after your own wellbeing

This event will seek to offer answers to these questions and strategies to ensure that mental health issues are not a barrier to effective mediation outcomes.

This event is relevant to mediators and all those involved in conflict or dispute resolution.

About the presenters

Holly Davis-Freeman

Holly Davis-Freeman has worked for many years in counselling, nursing and training roles where she can consolidated and aligned her skills and knowledge with the most up-to-date research in all areas of behavioural sciences. As well as working with Lifeline Tasmania, Holly has her own consultancy business that specialises in behavioural change and chronic disease management as well as holistic, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Holly’s focus is to use an integrative process that addresses a person as a whole (physical, mental, spiritual and energetic) to delve below the surface and bring forth profound change, healing and success to enable physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Anthea Dallas

Anthea Dallas is a medical doctor, working as a GP with a special interest in youth mental health.

She holds an academic position at the University of Tasmania teaching medical students.

She and her husband have lived in Tasmania since 2018 and have three children

Tim Jones

Tim was born in Canada (not down south) and grew up in Ontario until mid-teens. Tim has spent the last 50 odd years maturing in Australia. While fulfilling duties as a first responder Tim developed PTSD and found this to be an amazing worldview altering event. His favourite thing is seeing a peer find the handle that allows them to take control of their lives again. His favourite thing to hate is stigma and enjoys helping his peers as the opportunity presents. Tim have been a member of Flourish Tasmania for about nine years.