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Controlling cost and time in Arbitrations and References

with Hon. Robert McDougall QC, Peter Callaghan SC, Janet Grey, and David Campbell-Williams

Tuesday 26 July 2022 | 5.30pm–6.30pm AEST | Online

Commercial arbitration, now reinvigorated by the adoption of the Model Law, has advantages over conventional litigation, and is of far broader utility than Commerce, Construction and the Legal Profession often realise.

Historically, time and cost were seen as significant disincentives to this most useful dispute resolution mechanism however this perception is no longer entirely accurate, particularly where the parties and indeed the Arbitrator, are aware of, and avail themselves of the tools afforded by the Model Law.

Time and cost can also be seen as impediments to the effective and timely conduct of Court appointed References.

Join us and with the help of four experienced practitioners, keep up to date with developments in commercial arbitration, and learn practical tips and strategies that have the potential to make commercial arbitration a particularly useful and advantageous dispute resolution process, and avoid its pitfalls.

This forum will be of interest to contractors, claims consultants, contract administrators, and legal professionals whether involved in either Commercial or Construction dispute resolution, and whether in NSW or beyond. It will be of particular interest to less experienced Arbitrators and Court appointed Referees.

Those attending this forum will earn at least 1 CPD point.

This session is also available face to face, please Click here to register to attend in-person.

About the presenters

Honourable Robert McDougall QC

Retired judge, now arbitrator, referee, mediator in commercial and construction disputes. Robert has served for more than 15 years as a judge of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, sitting in the commercial, construction and arbitration lists.

Peter Callaghan SC

As an arbitrator and a Supreme Court and District Court Referee, Peter has conducted numerous hearings in construction law matters and he also practices as a mediator. Peter has regularly given educational and training presentations for the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, the NSW Bar Association and other bodies . The major part of Peter’s work is in the construction industry (building and engineering) and general commercial matters.

Janet Grey

Janet is an architect, registered with the NSW Architects Registration Board. She is also an arbitrator and mediator who specialises in dispute resolution in the construction industry and related professional matters.

David Campbell-Williams

David is a Construction Lawyer of 45 years standing, with experience in both Private and Public Sectors. He is a Resolution Institute Adjudicator and has a 22-year connection with Security of Payment and its evolution into a National, albeit still fragmented component of dispute avoidance and resolution in the construction industry. He has also been a Senior Fellow of Melbourne University Law School since 2008, where he teaches the Master of Construction Law subject Payment Matters in Construction Projects.