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Conflict fatigue and co-mediation

Date TBA | Headroom Café, Hobart

Bringing the supervisor into the mediation - and bringing things to a head

Tuesday, 16 October

5.15pm-5.30pm Registration

5.30pm-7.00pm Workshop

Sometimes you just need that edge that only inside help can bring. The fundamental pre-condition of bringing a supervisor into a mediation is acceptance. If the parties agree, that is enough.

Conflict fatigue is a term I use for all that has gone before: Attempts at in-house mediation; education on communication, team building, bullying etc.; changing direct reports; unresolved formal complaints where relationships are fraught but evidence is lacking; a period on worker's comp, sick leave, working in another section etc.

Bringing things to a head requires the ability to make sense of the prevailing patterns and to identify what needs to happen next. Often, this will necessarily involve the supervisor or HR.

This session will focus on preparation and process and demonstration through a role play, followed by Q and A at the end.

About the presenters

Tony Newport

Tony has worked as a workplace mediator since 1995. He likens workplace mediation to a fly fisher fishing in thongs. He has trodden in a lot of deep holes. He now wears chest waders and watches where he puts his feet. He finds workplace mediation to be continually challenging, a great teacher of human complexity and contrariness and above all else the opportunity of a privileged insight into the human spirit.