Confidentiality in mediation

Date TBA | Piper Alderman Adelaide

Tuesday, 26 February

Confidentiality underlies the mediation process giving the parties the freedom to negotiate without fear of litigation....or is this the case? Andrew Robertson will test what that confidentiality means in litigation practically and legally and what consequences this may mean for mediation practice. What confidentiality means to mediators may not match the parties' or the Court' approach to confidentiality.

About Presenter

Andrew Robertson
Dispute Resolution BEc, LLB (Hons), GCLP, BComm, Masters Construction Law

Andrew Robertson, Partner, Piper Alderman Andrew is the Head of Adelaide Dispute Resolution for Piper Alderman. He has been a partner of Piper Alderman since 2002 having previously been a partner in a boutique litigation practice. He has almost 25 years’ experience in all forms of dispute resolution. Andrew regularly appears in Court for clients as advocate in contested matters. Andrew acts as a dispute resolver being appointed as arbitrator, mediator or expert determiner for
the resolution of disputes. Andrew is an NMAS qualified mediator having over 15 years experience in mediating commercial disputes for parties across industries.

Resolution Institute expresses appreciation to Piper Alderman for their support of this event.