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Support people in mediation with Janice McLeay and Paul McLeay

24 May 2018

Time: 5:30 PM -7:15 PM
Venue: Resolution Institute Office, Sydney
Resolution Institute
Level 2
13-15 Bridge Street
Sydney NSW 2000

$35.00 Members

$45.00 Guests

Free for RI student members

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Thursday, 24 May

Participants in mediation often seek to have a support person at mediation. If support people are not well managed, their presence can impact on the power dynamic in the mediation conference and create problems for the mediator. The highly experienced presenters for the evening will examine the dynamic of the support person at mediation and share their approach to help attendees use support persons in mediation to best advantage.

The presenters will also provide their insights on the following:

  • What do we look for in a support person?
  • Who can be a support person?
  • The role of the support person
  • When (and how) to say ’no’ to a nominated support person
  • Private sessions - with or without the support person?
  • Dealing with a support person who tries to have an active role
  • Does the presence of a support person make a difference to the outcome?

About the presenters

Former Industrial Relations Commissioner, Janice McLeay is a nationally accredited mediator and has a Master of Dispute Resolution (Hons) from UTS. Prior to serving in the NSW IRC for 11 years, she held executive roles in local government and the education sector.

Paul McLeay formerly had experience in Government as a public servant, public sector union leader, MP and Minister.

Together, Janice and her son, Paul, form Janice McLeay Consulting providing services in mediation, investigations, workplace reviews, coaching and facilitation.