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CPD event | The third in 2021 Resolution Institute Security of payment case–law update

with David Campbell–Williams, Susan Leech, Robert Sundercombe, and Shady Mikhail

Wednesday 3 November 2021 | 5:30–6:30pm AEDT | Online

Security of payment caselaw update

Join us and keep up to date with development in the security of payment related case law. The presentation will cover numerous recent important judicial authorities on the operation of security of payment legislation and construction law generally. There will be four deeply experienced presenters discussing recent case law facts, key issues, adjudicator decision and the court judgment.

This forum will be of interest to claims preparers, contract administrators, contractors, adjudicators, and legal professionals involved in the construction industry.

Those attending the forum will earn 1 CPD point/hour.

About the presenters:

David Campbell-Williams

David is a solicitor of 44 years standing, with experience in both Private and Public Sectors. He is a Resolution Institute adjudicator and has a 20-year connection with security of payment and its evolution into a National, albeit still fragmented component of dispute avoidance and resolution in the construction industry. He has also been a senior fellow of Melbourne University Law School since 2008, where he teaches the Master of Construction Law subject payment matters in construction projects.

Susan Leech

Susan began her career as a geotechnical engineer but transitioned to contract dispute resolution roles on building sites where she gained over twenty years’ experience. In this capacity, Susan worked on projects involving mines, material handling, tunnels, electrical substations, and property development. For the past twelve years she has adjudicated security of payment disputes. She is a senior adjudicator with RICS dispute resolution service (NSW, VIC, SA & TAS jurisdictions) and a Grade 2 adjudicator with the QBCC in Queensland.

Robert Sundercombe

Robert is an electrical engineer with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand construction industry. Robert has been an active adjudicator since 2003 and adjudicating in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. He is also the President of the Adjudication Forum. Robert has provided advice to governments and a wide range of industry participants on adjudication, security of payment and construction related issues.

Shady Mikhail

Shady is a civil engineer and holds a Master of Law in Construction Laws and Arbitration (LLM), he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in UK and Australia, a graded Arbitrator with the Resolution Institute, and an Adjudicator in Queensland. Shady is a programming and delay expert with 18 years of planning, scheduling and project controls experience in different profiles of mega construction projects in Australia, the Middle East and Egypt.