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Leader as Workplace Coach Workshop | Sydney | 21-22 June 2021

Monday 21 - Tuesday 22 June 2021 | Sydney

An interactive two-day program introducing the CINERGY® coaching model to leaders to help them support staff with conflict management and enhance their own conflict management skills.

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View conflict as opportunity

Today’s workplaces are increasingly diverse, with different communication styles and backgrounds contributing to complexity and conflict. How you communicate and how you handle conflict in the workplace affects team morale, job satisfaction, health and happiness at work. Developing the skills to better manage and resolve conflict is integral to building a collaborative and healthy work environment. Ignoring conflict leads to an uncooperative and ultimately unproductive workplace. As a manager, supervisor or leader, developing your own interpersonal skills and helping your team interact better in the workplace are increasingly essential for success.

Our course enables you to be more effective in helping your team to:

  • improve their interpersonal conflict management skills
  • engage in difficult conversations and deliver effective feedback
  • deal with organisational change
  • work with team dysfunction

Program highlights:

  • Learn the principles of the CINERGY® coaching approach for interpersonal conflict and dealing with change in the workplace
  • Benefit from interactive training, incorporating self-reflection exercises, skill-building activities, case studies, a demonstration and practice sessions
  • Understand the importance of responsive listening, effective questioning and an empathetic coaching approach
  • Increase conflict competency, consider the dynamics of conflict and reflect on your own approach
  • Learn how to empower individuals to identify their own solutions and consider the impact of their behaviours
NOTE: This two-day course does not enable participants to practice as a Conflict Management Coach nor to offer conflict coaching services. CINERGY® Conflict Management Coaches undertake a four-day training program through Resolution Institute to practice as a Conflict Management Coach. Further information here.

About our trainers

Lynora Brooke

Lynora has used the CINERGY® model of conflict management coaching since training with Cinnie Noble in 2005 and has trained others in its use since 2007. Lynora finds it an invaluable tool to assist individuals to develop and enhance their own conflict competency, to manage interpersonal and workplace conflict and prepare for, or debrief after, difficult conversations, investigations, negotiations or mediation. With a focus on leadership development and conflict management, Lynora has her own consultancy, Redefinity, specialising in leadership coaching and mentoring, workplace and commercial mediation, team dynamics assessments and conflict coaching.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do the early bird rates apply?

    Early bird rates do not apply for this workshop.

  • Are there discounted rates for group bookings?

    Discounted rates for bulk bookings are available, please contact us on (02) 9251 3366 or write to us at learning@resolution.institute.

  • Where are the terms for refunds and transfers?

    Bookings for training are subject to terms and conditions. These can be viewed here.