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Government conciliation and complaints handling

Resolving disputes in public service roles requires a unique set of skills. Dispute resolution practitioners must have a good grasp of the relevant legal and policy considerations, understand principles of natural justice while mastering interest-based negotiation techniques. These skills are often demanded in a resource limited environment. Public service dispute resolution also concerns conversations with the most vulnerable and complex individuals in our society. For this reason, dispute resolution practitioners working in public service need also to have advanced communication skills in order to communicate with individuals who may have a cultural, physical or psychological disadvantage. 

The actions taken by public service officers often leads to profound impacts on the lives of individuals as well as whole communities. For this reason, it is important to implement tailored, best practice dispute resolution techniques. Each government department and team is different in terms of how experienced their staff are in working with conflict, as well as the level of conflict that they experience. Our training and consulting services are focussed on understanding the needs of your public service organisation and then tailoring a diverse array of learning resources to best meet each public service organisation's specific needs.

Negotiation Skills for Complaints Handling

This online course seeks to provide front line staff who deal with complaints or enquiries with skills in negotiation and conflict resolution. The course will provide strategies and tools for preparing for and engaging in effective conversations. We will look at various elements of the interest-based negotiation method and delve in collaborative group discussions and role plays.

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Negotiation Skills for Complaints Handling

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Webinar Recording
Webinar recording | Working with high conflict personalities and situations
with Linda Kochanski

  • pre-recorded
  • Online
  • Webinars, Online, Mediation, Family dispute resolution
Online masterclass - AU
Online masterclass series: Dispute resolution skills for the public and community service sectors
with Shiv Martin

  • 28 February, 1–2 March 2022 | 12–2.30pm AEDT | Online |
  • Mediation, Masterclass, Online
Webinar recording
Webinar recording | Handling complaints
With Trevor Slater

  • pre-recorded
  • Online
  • Webinars, Online, Dispute Resolution, Complaints