Learning & events


Arbitration training
Professional Certificate in Arbitration
with University of Adelaide

  • Run every two years
  • Online
  • Training, Arbitration, Online
CPD event
CPD event | Melbourne | Recent updates to understanding of what makes a valid payment claim and a valid payment schedule
with Saul Rozenbes

  • Wednesday 4 March 2020
  • Hawthorn
  • Professional development group events, Arbitration, Expert Determination, Adjudication, Mediation, Melbourne, VIC
Webinar recording
Webinar recording | The non-responsive respondent! – taking arbitration forward and how?
with Russell Thirgood and Erika Williams

  • Pre-recorded
  • Online
  • Webinars, Arbitration, Human resources management, Education, Healthcare, General management, Dispute handling administration
Webinar Recording
Webinar recording | A reasonable opportunity to be heard
with Nicholas Longley

  • pre-recorded
  • Online
  • Webinars, Online, Arbitration
Webinar Recording
Webinar recording | Taking stock – where we are at with dispute resolution today
with The Hon. Wayne Martin

  • pre-recorded
  • Online
  • Webinars, Mediation, Arbitration, Online