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WA Construction Contracts Act: An Overview

This form is designed to help you through the process of making an adjudication application under the Construction Contract Act 2004 (WA). Please note that this form applies only to building work which was carried out in the state of Western Australia.

If your construction work took place in the Northern Territory, please press here >>

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For a more detailed overview of the processes outlined by the Act and its purpose, please follow this link:


Please note that for an application to be valid it must comply with s26(1) standards of service.

In addition, the work must fall within the definition of either "building and construction work" as laid out in s4 of the Act or "related goods and services" as laid out in s5 of the Act.


Please note that any application which is the subject of an order, judgment or other finding by an arbitrator or other person or a court or other body dealing with a matter arising under a construction contract is invalid under s25(b) of the Act. Additionally, an adjudicator may decline to adjudicate on any matter which they deem too complex to fairly make a determination under s31(2)(c)(iv) of the Act. 




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