Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Other conference sessions

Here’s a chance to put the focus on a topic of your choice...

Spotlight Table Workshops

Got a topic you'd like to discuss with colleagues? Or an idea to share?

We're seeking people to lead Spotlight Table Workshops at the conference. These are short and focused sessions ‘putting the spotlight’ on a particular question, or an area of practice / learning you are interested in.

These speed workshop sessions run at the beginning of the conference with all attendees in the room, creating a fun, noisy and interactive buzz. This kicks off the conference perfectly with people meeting each other, learning and interacting right from the beginning.

In three 15-20 minute sessions you'll work with three different groups.

You can:

  • lead a facilitated discussion on a specific area of practice or question or idea
  • give a brief presentation (including some Q&A) about a piece of learning, practice or research you have been involved in recently

Does this sound like something you would be keen to offer?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact and let us know what you would like to offer.

Please give us a title that gives a clear description of your session. This is the name we will give your Spotlight Table Workshop which will enable participants to choose which table sessions they head to.