Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

My heart said do it, but my head said don’t! mBIT – Multiple brain integration techniques

with Ava Gibson and Trevor Slater

If you asked someone how they make decisions generally their reply would include some reference to ‘using my head’. But what about responses that include things like “it was a heartfelt action”, “it didn’t feel right” or “my gut reaction was not to do it”?

Science has now proven that we actually have more than one ‘brain’ that we use in our decision making process. In fact we have at least three brains: the head (cephalic), heart (cardiac) and gut (enteric). When we can align all brains, our decisions and actions produce better outcomes.

This workshop will offer an opportunity to explore, through presentation, discussion and practice:

  1. Introduction to mBraining
  2. Understanding how our three brains work and interact
  3. Breathing to balance our autonomic system so we can respond at our best
  4. Aligning our three brains
  5. Applying mBraining in practical terms
  6. Using mBraining to understand people better

Ava Gibson is an NMAS & Resolution Institute Accredited Mediator, FDRP and Resolution Institute coach, assessor and professional supervisor. She has mediation/facilitation experience in the education, health, disability, small business, family and community sectors. A significant amount of her work is assisting teams and organisations to build trust and enable better communication.

Ava is also a professional coach certified in mBraining, NLP and Conversational Intelligence® and has also trained positive neuroplasticity. She provides training, workshops and professional development groups on a range of topics.

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Trevor Slater is the Resolution Institute’s New Zealand General Manager. He is passionate about membership organisations especially providing value for membership.

Previously Trevor was Client Director of Financial Dispute Resolution Service and General Manager of Financial Service Complaints Limited – both of which are financial dispute resolution scheme approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs.

Trevor is a highly-experienced dispute resolution practitioner, negotiator and trainer. He holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution from La Trobe University and is a Fellow and former Board member of the Resolution Institute.

He has undertaken hundreds of successful negotiations, conducted many workshops and training sessions on negotiation, pioneered the telephone conciliation process and co-wrote and presented the first complaints handling course as a Masters’ Degree subject at La Trobe University.