Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Connecting, guiding and resolving - negotiation skills for mediators

with Trevor Slater

Good negotiation skills for mediators are sometimes overlooked as a key part of the mediator’s toolkit.

In the workshop attendees will learn and practice negotiation skills that will assist their process from the very start of connecting with the parties at intake through to reality testing, option generation and resolution.

The session will delve deeper into the interest model of negotiation as well as the positional style and how these can work together. The what, why and options of conflict will be examined and exercises undertaken to practice these methods.

This workshop will offer an opportunity to explore, through presentation, discussion and practice:

  • How to use a simple negotiation preparation process/guide to better prepare for the mediation.
  • The different negotiation styles and models and when and how to apply each.
  • How to negotiate party objections and stay in the mediation model.
  • Using negotiation skills at the reality testing and option generation stages.
  • The skills needed to negotiate the formal settlement agreement.

How not to over negotiate and risk undoing the resolution agreement.

Trevor Slater is a highly qualified and experienced commercial mediator, negotiator and experienced trainer. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Conflict Resolution from La Trobe University and a Diploma of Business – Frontline Management from the Australian Institute of Management. Trevor is also a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.

He is Client Director of Financial Dispute Resolution Service, an approved dispute resolution scheme for financial service providers in New Zealand. Trevor is a current Board member for Resolution Institute.

Trevor has conducted workshops and training sessions in negotiation and associated topics in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and South Africa.