Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ


A rich array of workshops, some pulling focus onto the micro-skills of mediation and restorative justice, others asking us to 'adjust the lens' to diversity, to change, to the future...

Please click each workshop title to read the full blurb. If not coloured blue yet - we await full detail.

includes content targeted specifically at RJ facilitators
includes content targeted specifically at mediators in a range of contexts
although this session offers perspective from a specific context (either RJ or mediation) there will be learning for all

....and of course anyone is welcome to attend and find insights from any session!

Are you getting the best out of your professional supervision? A snapshot of what an effective supervision session might look like
with Lesley Ashworth

Swimming between the flags: mediating in the shark-infested waters of organizational change
David Bryson

Postive framing, reframing and questioning – defining the labels and the art of doing
with Bruce Cottrill

Mediation with a Māori perspective
with Hinemoa Dixon

A facilitated conversation about the role of support people in Restorative Justice
facilitated by Jon Everest

Understanding cognitive impairment and associated implications in dispute resolution
with Emma Fromings

My heart said do it, but my head said don't! mBIT - Multiple brain integration techniques
with Ava Gibson and Trevor Slater

Reading between the lines of culture: developing intercultural empathy
with Jennifer Mahony and Dr Michael Ligaliga

Connecting, guiding and resolving - negotiation skills for mediators
with Trevor Slater

You cannot wipe away tears without getting your hands wet
with Danny Poa and Madeleine Taylor

Multi-party mediation tools
with Hayden Wilson

Word for Word - True or False? How to communicate with non-English speakers through an interpreter
with Inna Palmer, Interpreting NZ

Without the whites of their eyes: dispute resolution over the phone
with Sarah Ramsay

The FV-RJ 'fit' - understanding family violence programmes and the timing for a Restorative Justice process
with Mike Cagney and Jon Everest

Risk-Need-Responsivity Assessment Framework: what it is and what it means for practitioners
with Mike Cagney

Safe, supportive, sensitive - Complaints involving our LGBTI communities
with Sam Mclean and Taine Polkinghorne

A panel discussion session on updates in the Family Justice System and implications for FDR
facilitated by Lesley Ashworth

The 4th Party: harnessing technology to support resolution
with Richard Binner and Denise Evans

Culture Shock: urban perspectives on working across cultures in Aotearoa New Zealand
Irirangi Mako, Lise Jubilee Wikitera and Kainee Aguilar

Tomorrow's Practice: navigating the new landscape
Simon Tupman

Getting to the heart of the matter
David Hurley

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Resolution Institute reserves the right to change activities, topics, timings, venues and presenters where necessary, or in the best interests of the conference.