Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Are you getting the best out of your professional supervision? A snapshot of what an effective supervision session might look like

with Lesley Ashworth

During this session participants will see, hear and experience a framework for supervision that helps supervisees maximise their supervision experience with a focus on safe and reflective practice. We’ll talk about what both the supervisor and the supervisee can bring to the session to ensure it is a useful experience for the supervisee.

Participants will have the opportunity to view a role play of a supervision session and then practice their own mini session.

Lesley Ashworth is based in Wellington and works as an independent mediator, facilitator, conflict coach, supervisor and assessor. Her practice includes workplace disputes, FDR mediation and Restorative Justice. She currently supervises clients working in mediation and legal practice and is passionate about the benefits of reflective practice.