Online mediation practice: a facilitated forum to unpack learning, innovation, challenges and reflection

with Matthew Clayton

We’ve grappled with which online platform to use and how to create break-out rooms as we’ve had to learn how to mediate online ‘on the fly’. Now the scramble has passed, we are thinking it’s time to pause and reflect.

This will be an open forum to share our learning, the innovation that has occurred and to discuss our reflection and ongoing questions about online mediation practice.

This discussion forum will be facilitated by Matthew Clayton, a highly experienced online mediator and conciliator. He will be actively seeking your input and reflection. Some of the starter questions will be:

  • What questions are you still holding about online mediation practice?
  • How to maintain quality practice and bring everyone ‘into the room’?
  • What are the innovations that have emerged?
  • What will you take forward regardless of face to face being an option?

Matthew Clayton
Mediator, Conciliator and Director of
Talk Meet Resolve

Matthew is an accredited Mediator with the Resolution Institute and one of New Zealand’s leading conciliators. Matthew has championed the use of cloud -based videoconferencing dispute resolution practice in New Zealand and Australia. During the COVID-19 lockdowns Matthew was a leading contributor to continuing professional development for the use of videoconferencing with a particular focus on using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Matthew is the co-founder and director of Talk-Meet-Resolve, a nationwide service providing early dispute resolution. In March 2021, Matthew received the Resolution Institute Award for innovation in practice - for digital inclusion initiatives and use of technology to foster access to justice.

Matthew has previously practised as a lawyer in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and currently sits in the Christchurch District Court as a Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicator.