How do you set a good foundation for a successful mediation or conciliation?

with Trevor Slater

We all know that sometimes mediations and conciliations go well and sometime not so well. This can be caused by unknowingly not setting a good foundation at the very start of the conciliation process.

In this workshop Trevor will take you through the early barriers to a successful mediation and the ways you can overcome them and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

This session is suitable for all types of mediation and conciliation and in particular for those working in organisations that provide independent complaint resolution for consumers.

Trevor Slater
Mediator, Conciliator, Trainer
Chief Operations Officer
Resolution Institute

Trevor has a vast experience in dispute resolution and using conciliation in a statutory framework, having worked in this field for many years.

He was co-author of the Australian and New Zealand Standard on complaint handling and member of the expert panel for the Government Centre for Dispute Resolution’s complaint principles programme.

He has conducted many workshops on negotiation and complaint handling for consumer dispute resolution bodies in New Zealand, Australia, the UK as well as being invited to train the staff at the South African Ombudsman for Long Term Insurance.