FDR Forum: Challenges faced by the FDR sector – what can Resolution Institute do to help

with Trevor Slater (Resolution Institute), Samantha de Coning (FairWay), Kay Penney (NZDRC), Julia Hennessy (Family Works Central)

Legislation and guidelines for family dispute resolution are changing as Government continues to implement its FDR programme e.g. the involvement of children in FDR mediation and legal aid for non-mediation FDR.

These changes, and others that are ‘on the way’, will impact the FDR sector and we need to be talking about them.

This is an open forum session to bring your thoughts and ideas. We’ve invited leading voices from our FDR suppliers and we are seeking your views as FDR practitioners on how the sector can be responding and what Resolution Institute can do to assist.

Trevor Slater
Chief Operations Officer
Resolution Institute

Trevor supports the CEO in the management of Resolution Institute including the Aotearoa New Zealand office and the membership and IT team. He also oversees risk management and complaints against members and supports member committees.

Trevor has worked in dispute resolution for over 20 years, specialising in commercial mediation and financial dispute resolution. He is also a highly experienced trainer with accreditations in multiple brain integration techniques (mBIT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

Samantha de Coning
Head of practice
FairWay Resolution Ltd

Samantha is Head of Practice at FairWay. The focus of her role is on developing dispute resolution practice across FairWay, as well as her own work as a mediator, adjudicator and arbitrator.

As an FDR mediator, Samantha has a particular interest in family dynamics and the underlying role of the extended family. In her practice, she advocates exploring the individual needs of the children and parents so that the parties can find practical ways forward.

Kaye Penney
Senior Manager
New Zealand Family Dispute Resolution Centre

Kaye is the Senior Manager of the FDR Centre and is responsible for its general management, overseeing the delivery of FDR and other Family ADR services throughout New Zealand.

Kaye spent a number of years as a credit manager and has since worked in dispute resolution in both the construction and commercial dispute resolution sectors, before moving into the family space. She believes strongly in empowering families, and children, to communicate and create their own solutions, and that practitioners should be given flexibility to support this.

Julia Hennessy
General Manager
Family Works Central

Julia is the General Manager of Family Works Central. She’s been a practicing social worker and senior manager in the area of children and families for more than 20 years. During this time she has spoken to audiences and led training world-wide, as well as contributing to a number of printed resources.

An experienced leader, Julia has led projects in both the UK and NZ. This includes the introduction of Family Group Conference and Restorative Justice practice into mainstream service delivery in the UK. Julia is the elected Deputy Chair of resolution Institute.