DR in a pandemic: The impact of the Covid pandemic on the NZ dispute resolution landscape and beyond

with Dr Grant Morris

This recent study analyses the impact of Covid-19 on dispute resolution systems internationally and in NZ. It covers the challenges to DR arising from public health restrictions and the impact of those challenges on the provision of services and on people with disputes.

The research looks at approaches adopted to address/mitigate these challenges, and their effectiveness. The study uses this information to provide insights into the future of DR, including enduring shifts, as a result of the pandemic. There is a particular focus on online approaches and comparative case studies.

NZ can learn a lot from how other jurisdictions have adapted DR systems to cope with lockdowns and social distancing. Covid-19 has fundamentally altered the DR landscape. This study provides a timely overview of what this landscape now looks like.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in discussion, and provide their own experiences of the effects of the Covid pandemic on DR.

Dr Grant Morris
Associate Professor in Law
Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Grant Morris is Associate Professor in Law at Victoria University of Wellington. Grant is also an accredited mediator and has worked as a facilitator and negotiator over the past two decades.

Grant's research areas include mediation, interest-based negotiation and New Zealand legal history. He has published several books and numerous articles on these subjects, including the recent work, Mediation in New Zealand (Thomson Reuters). Grant is also a regular contributor to RNZ Afternoons.