Bringing the voice of the child to a restorative justice conference

with Abigail Simmonds, Christine Rutledge and Mark Rutledge

Abigail Simmonds will bring a brief overview of the neuroscience behind the 'why' as well as her own practical work experience.

Christine Rutledge will explain from the perspective of the 'United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child' as well from her own counselling practice experience, the reason she believes it is best practice for the voice of the child to be heard in the Restorative Justice process.

Mark Rutledge will bring the Restorative Justice lens to the picture, talking about the practicalities of how this works from his experience in Restorative Justice. The good the bad and the ugly.

It is the aim of all three of us to excite your imagination so that you will be willing to take the plunge and explore more fully the very powerful experience of bringing the voice of the child to the Restorative Justice process.

Abigail Simmonds
Clinical Psychologist

Abigail Simmonds (Clinical Psychologist) brings her extensive academic, practical experience and passion to the reasons why we should be including children and young people. Helping to address the harm they have experienced.

Abi was born in London, England and moved to Wellington around 10 years ago to have a family. Abi trained at City University and University College London where she obtained qualifications in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. During her studies she completed a thesis on open adoption.

Abi has been fortunate to have worked in a variety of clinical settings both in the UK and here in Wellington. The majority of her clinical work has been in the area of Child and Adolescent Psychology, seeing children, young people and their families with a range of difficulties impacting on both home and school.

Over the years Abi has been involved in two large scale research projects for children in care delivering evidenced based programmes for young people with severe behavioural difficulties and complex trauma (Multi-Systemic Therapy, Multi-Dimensional Treatment Foster Care, Family Functional therapy and Fostering Changes). Abi is committed to working with children and young people who have been subjected to abuse and trauma and are currently living outside of their whānau.

Currently Abi is working in private practise with children, young people and their whānau, in a variety of settings both with government organisations and NGO’s in residential and community settings utilising sensory-modulation techniques alongside trauma treatments such as EMDR.

Christine Rutledge

Christine Rutledge brings her experience of working with children and their families for the last 30 years in her counselling practice.

Mark Rutledge
Restorative Justice Facilitator

Mark Rutledge brings the Restorative Justice facilitator lens to the picture, he has been facilitating Restorative Justice conferences since 2005.