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Day 1: Tuesday 16 November
Workshop Session 1 | 9.00am - 10.30am | please arrive online from 8.55am

Grant Morris

FDR Forum: Challenges faced by the FDR sector - what can Resolution Institute do to help?
Kaye Penney, Samantha de Coning, Julia Hennessy & Trevor Slater

A tikanga Māori lens on restorative justice
Panel of
Māori Restorative Justice Providers

Workshop Session 2 | 11.00am - 12.30pm | please arrive online from 10.55am

Gerard Hoffman, Alex Zuur & Jon Everest

How do you set a good foundation for a successful mediation or conciliation?
Trevor Slater

Telling your story: a restorative approach to workplace conflict
Kirsty Ferguson

Restorative justice in the context of a death
Jane Bolitho & Terrence Davis

Day 2: Wednesday 17 November
Workshop Session 3 | 9.00am - 10.30am | please arrive online from 8.55am

Managing obstructive voices in a dispute resolution context: counsel, advisor, support person or a party
Anna Quinn, Lesley Ashworth, Lynn Booker & Mike Hinton

Legal issues relevant to mediation practice in Aotearoa: update and discussion
Nina Khouri, Nic Scampion & Trevor Slater

"Mate, are you dreaming??" Reality testing during complaint resolution
Sarah Ramsay, Stephanie Newton & Anna Costley

Restorative justice referrals in the context of family violence: a practitioner lens on the 'how to'
Waana Joyce & Jon Everest

Workshop Session 4 | 11.00am - 12.30pm | please arrive online from 10.55am

Aotearoa Best Practice Dispute Resolution Framework: kōrero on experiences, lessons learned and where to from here
The Government Centre for Dispute Resolution (GCDR) Team

Supporting dispute resolution services for tangata whenua – the role Māori cultural advisors in dispute resolution
Hemi Pirihi & Wi Pere Mita

Restorative justice and engaging with men who have caused harm
Dr John Waldon

Day 3: Thursday 18 November
Workshop Session 5 | 9.00am - 10.30am | please arrive online from 8.55am
Farm Debt Mediation one year one: updates, outcomes, insights and foresights
Gwyn Morgan & David Bogan

Mediation practice through a Maori lens. a tikanga-based approach to mediation
Wi Pere Mita

Online mediation practice: a facilitated forum to unpack learning, innovation, challenges and reflection
Matthew Clayton
Restorative Practice Sector Forum: questions, direction, discussion
Panel of Restorative Justice / Restorative Practice sector representatives
Workshop Session 6 | 11.00am - 12.30pm | please arrive online from 10.55am
Effective use of shuttle in mediation, conciliation and complaint handling
Deborah Clapshaw, Stephanie Newton, Nic Scampion & Edward Hardie
'Pasifikation' of the Resolution Institute (RI) model of mediation
Michael Ligaliga & Helenā Kaho
Loss and acknowledgement in FDR: a restorative way of working with families
Nicola Hartfield
Bringing the 'voice of the child' to a Restorative Justice conference
Mark Rutledge, Christine Rutledge & Abigail Simmonds
This session is kindly supported by RPA


includes content targeted at restorative justice facilitators

includes content targeted specifically at mediators in a range of contexts

although this session offers perspective from a specific context (either RJ or mediation) there will be learning for all