Resolution Institute Conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Spotlight on practice

A conference that sets dispute resolution practice ‘at the centre’

A little bit different from traditional conferences, this conference offers a range of longer interactive workshop sessions focused on dispute resolution practice, as well as opportunities to engage in professional conversation and exchange insights with colleagues.

Leave with learning you can use.

Workshops and Presenters

We're working on the programme now, we'll keep adding detail as we go...

At Spotlight on Practice 2019 you will attend six 1.5 hour workshops over the two days, along with a couple of full group presentations, spotlight table workshops and other networking opportunities.

Workshops will cover a broad range of topics relevant to restorative justice facilitators, mediators and other facilitative dispute resolvers. Topics to develop skills... think about the future... explore cultural and cross-cultural competence... discuss topical issues...

Spotlight on Practice 2018 “That was the best conference I’ve ever been to, for presentations, for people, venue, food, and structure. I greatly appreciate the Resolution Institute community”.

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