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Starting and running a Chapter

Guided by the local Chapter Committee and supported by our organisation, local Chapters assist both new and established members, holding regular early evening forums with professional development and collegial networking. The forum programs include: guest speakers, fish bowls, role plays, and panel discussions.

Running a Chapter

Find out everything you need to know about running a Chapter in our Chapter Committee Handbook

Download your Chapter and member group Committee Handbook here >>

Starting a Chapter

  • Consider whether you would be willing to be a contact point for a new group
  • Think about a place where a small group could hold an initial meeting - your office? a cafe? a community, school or church hall?
  • Speak with us about your interest, possible location, any costs involved
  • Decide on a time and a place to have an initial get-together of local practitioners to gauge interest and explore possibilities
  • With our help, draft an invitation that we will send out to our members in your area encouraging them to attend

If there is local interest

Consider forming a Committee to organise a small program of events (perhaps just 3 or 4 events in the year).

Think creatively:

  • what local people would be willing to make a presentation that would be relevant? (a local mediator, a child psychologist, a local HR person, a local Council representative ...)
  • what ideas do we have for local presenters or a presenter who would be willing to travel?
  • would it be of interest to invite our CEO to give an update on trends in ADR or to run a fishbowl mediation session? or ...
  • would local practitioners enjoy periodic get-togethers over breakfast or dinner?
  • would practitioners in your area find it interesting to take it in turns to present a "case" for discussion?
  • would you find it stimulating to choose a text or an article to read and discuss?
  • could you organise a "practice session" ? We could help with scenarios?

Next steps

  • liaise with our office to prepare notices which we will send out
  • as you gather momentum, with our support you can evolve a process and structure for sustaining the Chapter into the future (an Annual meeting, a Committee, appropriate record keeping ...)

Where Chapters fit within our organisation and what they do

We are governed by a Constitution that has been approved by its members. The Constitution governs the creation of our Chapters.

8 Board established groups of Members
8.1 Establishment of Groups of members

a) The Board may establish or cause to be established groups of members based on location, function, special interest or for another purpose, in accordance with the by-laws made under clause 15.
b) These groups may operate by meeting face to face or by electronic means.
c) The roles and functions of all groups established by Resolution Institute are to cooperate with the Board in furthering the Objects of Resolution Institute in the designated areas for which they are established by the Board.
d) These groups may use the Resolution Institute name and enjoy such other benefits as may be provided or agreed by the Board.
e) Members of each group must endeavour to ensure that the group to which they belong acts consistently with Resolution Institute’s Constitution, Objects and the by-laws, and policies of the Board.
f) These groups must ensure that at least one of their members is designated as a liaison point for the Board.
g) Each group will provide Resolution Institute with records of their meetings in accordance with the by-laws.