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Professional Development Groups

Professional Development Groups contribute a vital element of Resolution Institute services in Australia by connecting personally with Resolution Institute members in their local city through organising local professional development and networking events. This group works with the Resolution Institute office, to provide stimulating professional learning and networking events at the local level.

These groups will be formed under clause 8 of the Resolution Institute Constitution and the By-laws for the establishment of groups of members. More about this type of group can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Sydney Facilitative Professional Development Group

Cameron McPhedran
Chris Pitts
Claire Bibby
Frances Doyle
Ian Blayden
Lee Price
Louise Mathias
Michael Hyde
Raymond Brazil
Tiffany Kelly
Dr. Tim Channon
Glenys Rikard-Bell
Paula Bruce
Catherine Joseph
Lucinda Aboud
Helen Miedzinski

Sydney Determinative Professional Development Group

Robert Riddell - Chair
Jim Baillie - Vice Chair
Claire Bibby
Charles Brannen
Chris Morrow
Chris Pitts
Graeme Robinson
Lee Price
Norman Fisher
Philip Martin
Robert Sundercombe
Rob Zikman

Newcastle Professional Development Group

Jeniffer Drennan - Chair
Albert Ponte - Vice Chair
Amy Daley
Daina Upenicks
David Smythe
Doone Turnbull
Felicity Wardhaugh
Giles Coakes
John Woodward
Jonathan Spencer
Kathy Tetu

Melbourne Facilitative Professional Development Group

Wayne Harbor - Chair
Alicia Hill
Anna Lee Cribb
Gary Seppings
Ian McMaster
Jodie Grant
Michael Heaton
Michelle Hebble-White
Nicole Davidson
Rebecca Cameron
Susan Hamilton Green
William Pryor
Jon Kenfield
David Brett
Vasantha Stesin

Melbourne Determinative Professional Development Group

Donna Ross - Chair
Alicia Hill
Chidambara Raj CB
Hugh Foxcroft
Ian McMaster - Vice Chair
Michael Heaton
Robert Beck
Yuriy Netrusov

Melbourne Adjudication Professional Development Group

Robert Beck - Chair
Hugh Foxcroft - Vice Chair
Ian McMaster
Michael Heaton
Saul Rozenbes
James Turnbull

Perth Professional Development Group

Scott Ellis - Chair
John Fisher - Vice Chair
Barbara Kwiecien
Benn Hill
Deon Baddock
Kaeren Primrose
Laurie James
Lee Panotidis
Rita Choy
Sharin Ruba Khosa
Steve Lieblich

Canberra Professional Development Group

Bryan Ahern
Claire Naidu
Rahul Bedi
Mary-Therese Daniel
Greg Wright

Brisbane Professional Development Group

Kay Feeney - Chair
Cheryl Bryan - Vice Chair
Julie Gifoyle
Lisa Frisken
Mieke Brandon
Rachael Field
Wendy Edwards

Adelaide Professional Development Group

David Egarr
Ippei Okazaki
Martin Frayne
Paul Gerrard
Ruth Beach

Hobart Professional Development Group

Debbie Dunn
Eveleen Rao
Patricia Dai Wei Wang
Gail Cork
Sue McGrath - Chair
Louise Cooper
Malcolm Rice
Catherine McDonald

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit an EOI to join a new group in a new location?

Yes! When you fill in your EOI form and are asked where you are interested in joining a committee, please select "Other" and enter the location of where you would like a new group to be set up. For example, "South West WA", "Gold Coast QLD" or "Wollongong NSW".

Are these groups for Australia and New Zealand members?

Professional Development Groups will be set up around Australia. New Zealand will continue with their current committee. Professional Development Networks and Growth Working Groups will be open to both Aussies and Kiwis.

What is involved in being a member of a Professional Development Group?

Professional Development Groups meet to organise and host local networking and professional development events. Typically, groups meet monthly for one hour and share the task of hosting events run approximately once per month for two hours. Groups work well when members enjoy planning, organising and assisting to run professional development events, and commit to and be available to attend most group meetings and events. Events are also most successful when members also support the promotion of events in consultation with Resolution Institute office.

What personal qualities and skills do members of professional development group need?

  • Enthusiastic about dispute resolution
  • Committed to promoting the professional development of colleagues and growth of dispute resolution
  • Eager to contribute and help
  • Willing to use your contacts, networks and initiative to invite interesting speakers
  • Able to generate idea, to plan and organise events
  • Reliable – able to do what you say you will and do it on time

How to I submit my interest in joining a group?

Submit your expression of interest here >>