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NSW Sydney Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Determinative SIG Committee

Philip Martin - Treasurer
Jim Baillie - Secretary
Charles Brannen
Melissa Ceccato
Norman Fisher
Graeme Robinson

Facilitative SIG Committee

Timothy Channon
Frances Doyle
Kirsty Elliott
Michael Hyde
Tiffany Kelly
Jared Laughlin
Chris Pitts
Lee Price
Christopher Whitelaw

Family SIG Committee

Lucinda Aboud
Susan Armstrong
Beverley Aubrey
Victor Berger
Judith Blayden
Yula Blecher
Paula Bruce
Sarah Dukes
Helen Miedzinski
Josephine Reyes

We warmly invite you to attend the continuing professional development (CPD) and networking events organised by the NSW Sydney Special Interest Group Committees (SIGs). Being connected with your local SIG expands your network of DR practitioners and provides you with a conduit for communicating information and ideas to Resolution Institute about issues that are important to NSW Sydney members.

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The following SIG Committees were formed by NSW Sydney members as part of the revitalisation and expansion of the NSW Sydney Chapter:

Upcoming events
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Recent events
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