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Perspectives on expert determination

The NSW Chapter Determinative Special Interest Group organised this event where speakers Steven Goldstein and Bill Taylor provided an ADR practitioner’s perspective on the advantages of and challenges in bringing Expert Determination to residential building work.

29 August 2018

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The sins of the preparer: the adjudicator’s view

During this event, experienced adjudicators discussed recent cases and shared tips and traps in relation to conducting adjudications.

26 September 2018

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Support people in mediation

The NSW Chapter Facilitative Special Interest Group organised this event where speakers Janice McLeay and Paul McLeay examined the dynamic of the support person at mediation and shared their approach to help attendees use support persons in mediation to best advantage.

24 May 2018

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Elder mediation with Professor Dale Bagshaw

The NSW Chapter Facilitative Special Interest Group and Professor Dale Bagshaw discussed elder mediation and the best practice for elder mediators.

24 January 2018

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Diverting indigenous families: From care protection system to family law system

The NSW Chapter Family Special Interest Group and His Honour Judge Matthew Myers AM discussed how Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families may be diverted from care protection system to family law system.

24 October 2017

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Adjudication discussion evening

Shaun Bailey, David Campbell-Williams and Charles Brannen discuss judgments involving adjudications under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW).

6 September 2017

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Bioethics mediation

The Facilitative Special Interest Group's guest speaker Dr Nicole Ash explored the partnership between mediation and healthcare.

24 August 2017

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Mediating personal injury claims

Karen Stott shared her experience of mediating personal injury claims while addressing challenges in maintaining neutrality and adhering to practice standards.

29 June 2017

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The role of FDR in family violence cases

Family Special Interest Group's guest speaker Judge Joe Harman discussed the impact of allegations of family violence upon attendance at FDR and the role of lawyers as gatekeepers to FDR.  The presentation also considered the impact of confidentiality upon the Court’s access to evidence in cases involving family violence. Registrars of the Federal Circuit also discussed how applications for exemption from attendance at FDR are handled.

7 June 2017

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Resolution of family law property disputes

Justice Robert McClelland spoke about expectations and opportunities to keep clients away from the courts and better assist in resolving these types of disputes.

27 April 2017

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