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Resolution Institute is enabling more ways to contribute through its expanded member group program in 2019. If you would like to join or rejoin a Professional Development Group (previously known as Chapters/SIGs) please submit your expression of interest (EOI) by Sunday 25 November.

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What are the Professional Development Groups?
Professional Development Groups contribute a vital element of Resolution Institute services in Australia by connecting personally with Resolution Institute members in their local city through organising local professional development and networking events. This group works with the Resolution Institute office, to provide stimulating professional learning and networking events at the local level. More about this type of group can be found in the Terms of Reference here>>

Can I apply to re-join my chapter/SIG?
Yes! We are changing the names of groups in 2019 to accommodate new groups so chapters and SIGs groups will be renamed to Professional Development Groups. The role of these groups will not change and we revised the Handbook to become a Terms of Reference click here for details.

Can I submit an EOI to join a new group in a new location?
Yes! When you fill in your EOI form and are asked where you are interested in joining a committee, please select "Other" and enter the location of where you would like a new group to be set up. For example, "South West WA", "Gold Coast QLD" or "Wollongong NSW".

How does the group selection process work?
Each expression of interest will be provided to the Chair of the current group (where one currently exists)
The chair will then determine whether the 2019 group may be appointed or if more EOIs are received than positions available an election will occur. If an election occurs the process for this will vary for each group. In either event the members of 2019 group will be announced at annual meetings at the end of this year.

Annual meetings are scheduled as follows:

The following groups have not confirmed their annual meetings yet. We will send details through to local members when the they have been confirmed.

  • Sydney Facilitative (NSW), TBC
  • Sydney Family (NSW), TBC
  • Queensland, TBC

Are these groups for Australia and New Zealand members?
Professional Development Groups will be set up around Australia. New Zealand will continue with their current committee. Professional Development Networks and Growth Working Groups will be open to both Aussies and Kiwis.

What is involved in being a member of a Professional Development Group?
Professional Development Groups meet to organise and host local networking and professional development events. Typically, groups meet monthly for one hour and share the task of hosting events run approximately once per month for two hours. Groups work well when members enjoy planning, organising and assisting to run professional development events, and commit to and be available to attend most group meetings and events. Events are also most successful when members also support the promotion of events in consultation with Resolution Institute office.

What personal qualities and skills do members of professional development group need?

  • Enthusiastic about DR
  • Committed to promoting the professional development of colleagues and growth of DR
  • Eager to contribute and help
  • Willing to use your contacts, networks and initiative to invite interesting speakers
  • Able to generate idea, to plan and organise events
  • Reliable – able to do what you say you will and do it on time

How to I submit my interest in joining a group?
Submit your expression of interest here >>

What are the types of groups available in 2019?
Resolution Institute is enabling more ways to contribute through its expanded member group program in 2019. Three types of groups will be available; Professional Development Groups, Professional Development Networks and Growth Working Groups. These groups will be formed under clause 8 of the Resolution Institute Constitution and the new By-laws for the establishment of groups of members (revised 11 October 2018). We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and committed Resolution Institute members to be part of our 2019 member groups. If this describes you, submit your expression of interest here >>

What is the Professional Development Network?
New in 2019, Professional Development Networks will be formed from Professional Development Group delegates to strategically review and recommend a calendar of professional development activities for each DR professional type. More about this type of group can be found in the Terms of Reference here>>.How do I join Professional Development Network?
Step 1 is to join your local Professional Development Group. Then each Professional Development Group may nominate one or more delegates to join each Professional Development Network.

What are the Growth Working Groups?
Also new in 2019, Growth Working Groups will be formed to develop growth strategies and provide input and support to Resolution Institute staff in industry growth and advocacy initiatives. More about this type of group can be found in the Terms of Reference here>>.

If you have any other questions please email or call us on 02 9251 3366.

We look forward to letting you know the outcome soon.

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