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Claire Pirola

Integroe Partners

Sydney and surrounding regions
About my services

A holistic, respectful and pragmatic approach to resolving complex conflict in the workplace and community underpins my approach to dispute resolution for clients. I bring a lengthy experience in complaint management, and dispute resolution, having worked with both government and not for profit sectors across a range of areas including social welfare, policing, legal and education.  This includes extensive experience working with numerous community and faith based organisations over the past 21 years.  I am appreciative of the impact on service delivery, and the emotional and financial costs, to both individuals and organisations when early indicators of workplace conflict and complaints are not adequately resolved.  I work closely with our clients to provide a suitably tailored process to resolve conflict, and committed to delivering a service that further enables leadership  to build capacity for its organisational vision. I am a nationally accredited mediator, NSW lawyer and Partner in a law firm that provides multidisciplinary services, and passionate about finding the common path to bring about resolution of conflict that hinders our clients services or growth. 


Experience and qualifications

Accredited National Mediator

Practising NSW legal practitioner

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