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About my services

If you are looking for a specialist wills & estates mediator or collaborative coach I can help. I am the only dual accredited specialist lawyer in Qld in both succession law and business law, who is also a mediator and collaboratively trained.

I only practice in wills and estates matters. 

If your family wants to take a collaborative pathway in a wills and estates matter, I can help put a team of other collaborative professionals together to best suit your circumstances.

I can also act as a mediator to help your family resolve an estate dispute if you are already on a litigation pathway, but you want to try to reach an out of court settlement with the help of an independent mediator.

Experience and qualifications

I have had almost 25 years experience as in wills and estates law. 

I am an accredited mediator and now train other dispute resolution professionals in the collaborative practice model for wills and estates nationally. 

Helping families hold the difficult conversations over inheritance and family legacy in a calm and compassionate way is my passion.  

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