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Angela Cowan

Mediator Hub

Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney
About my services

I am a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Mediator. I have successfully completed the Master of Laws (Applied Law), majoring in Family Dispute Resolution and I am only one of a limited number of practitioners who has successfully completed this highly regarded legal qualification in Family Dispute Resolution. I am admitted as an Australian Lawyer at the Supreme Court of Victoria. I have over 30 years experience in business operations and management including Director for Registered Training Organisations, Business Development in residential building supplies and Aviation. My most challenging yet incredibly rewarding role to date is as a parent of two incredible humans and most recently as a Grandparent of two.

I am appointed to the panel of preferred mediators at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for retail shop leases, Queensland Building and Construction Commission and Shaw Dispute Resolution (nationally).  I am the principal mediator at Mediator Hub where I am dedicated to offering dispute resolution services and conflict coaching for parties who find themselves in highly emotive and complex disputes with others.

I facilitate mediation by Zoom video conferencing, teleconferencing and in person during face-to-face conferences (COVID restrictions permitting).  I have extensive experience as a mediator, facilitating more than 500 pre-hearing mediation conferences and delivering dispute resolution services for the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria located at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Magistrate Court of Victoria in the respective civil claims list for matters arising from consumer complaints and debt management.  During COVID-19 lock downs in 2020 and 2021, I assisted hundreds of retail tenants and their landlords negotiate mutual and pragmatic solutions under the statutory provisions of the Commercial Tenancy Relief Schemes at the Victorian Small Business Commission.  

My methodology includes preparing participants with customised preliminary information about mediation to engage in the negotiation process with confidence and to maximise the experience. I am skilled in facilitating challenging conversations with lawyer assisted and self-represented parties including making suitable adjustments for culturally and linguistic diverse participants. I am experienced in facilitating sessions with the assistance of independent translators and I have an interest in continuing academic research in the area of non-verbal communication (including culturally diverse conflict behaviours) and the impacts this has on negotiation outcomes.

I make it my business to ensure that parties feel safe, their perspectives heard during discussions and empowered to negotiate win-win outcomes with a focus on the children's needs in family matters and future professional relations in workplace, community and commercial matters.  

Experience and qualifications

I am committed to providing participants with a safe and impartial space to commence respectful dialogue that empowers individuals to identify their interests relating to the issues in dispute, mutually explore options and negotiate meaningfully with each other to reach win-win outcomes.

I spend time with each party during a confidential intake session prior to mediation to assess the complexities arising from the dispute and to identify each participant’s perspective.

As the founding FDRP and Mediator at Mediator Hub, I have experience convening over 500 pre-hearing Court and Tribunal mediation sessions.

My experiences include working for the following entities:

  • Mediator Hub as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Principal Mediator
  • Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria for matters arising from civil claims relating to consumer law matters filed at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and for neighbourhood disputes.
  • Victorian Small Business Commission for matters arising from the Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme, Retail Leases Act 2003 and the Small Business Commission Act 2017
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for Retail Shop Leases
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission for matters eligible for The Accelerated Builder / Consumer Dispute Framework (ABCD).

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