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Shiv Martin

Shiv Martin Communications and Dispute Resolution

Brisbane central, south and western suburbs and Ipswich.
About my services

Are you looking for a Mediator that will empower you to resolve your conflict and identify suitable options to move ahead?

I offer a flexible, cost-effective and innovative approach to dispute management and resolution.

I am experienced in facilitative and evaluative mediation processes. In evaluative processes, I can provide parties with impartial and independent information (not advice) on possible legal outcomes should the dispute continue. In addition to my legal qualifications, I have over 10 years experience resolving disputes in the government sector.

I have expertise in conducting face to face mediation as well as using technology manage disputes remotely. We can arrange mediation by phone or web conferences should parties be uncomfortable or unable to meet in person.

I have a special area of interest and expertise in managing high conflict individuals in mediation. I have delivered training and engaged in dealing with this group of individuals.


Experience and qualifications

Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Grad Dip Legal Practice

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