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Gary Seppings

Seppings & Associates MAC Pty Ltd

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Seppings & Associates MAC Pty Ltd 

We specialise in effective:

1. conflict and dispute resolution & management;

2. employment & industrial relations; and

3. leadership & collective purpose



Experience and qualifications

Gary is an internationally experienced management consultant specialising in conflict and dispute resolution & management, employment & industrial relations and leadership & collective purpose.

Gary is driven by a desire to make a positive contribution to the most effective ways to achieve organisational goals, whilst creating meaningful and fulfilling work for all involved.

Gary’s achievements are a product of his extensive international career. He has performed human resources executive roles and consulting engagements across the information technology, digital and print media, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, banking, hospitality, and oil and gas sectors. This has involved working with highly complex multi-nationals including Microsoft, Fairfax Media, Commonwealth Bank, PMP, DHL, BAE Systems and BOC Gases.

He is an associate member of the International Consortium for Research in Employment and Work (iCREW) at the Centre for Global Business of the Monash Business School, an Accredited Mediator (NMAS), Masters degree equivalent by the Ministre du Travail (Department of Labour, France) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Labour Law and Economics and Industrial Relations) from the University of Melbourne.

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