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Eveleen Rao

Amity Mediation Services

Hobart CBD, Melbourne CBD
About my services

Taxation, small business, retail lease agreement, family, estate & inheritance, workplace and cultural disputes.

I provide dispute resolution and Mediation services to help reduce the burden of stress where parties are met with the unpleasant situation of having a disagreement that they can't resolve together.

My services will help clients resolve disputes before it becomes so big that the court and tribunal becomes involved.  I understand that attending the court and tribunal sessions can be very stressful for parties in dispute and for those who are near and dear to them. It can be time-consuming and is costly to attend. The cost gets unreasonably higher where  legal representatives are involved for advise! 

As an independent mediator and service provider, I will help you to eliminate all the stress listed above. I will step in to find out the background of the issue in dispute, understand the perspective of both participants, have a conversation surrounding what it is that both participants really want to achieve as an outcome and help to nut out prospective solutions.

My aim is to enable both participants reach a mutually acceptable outcome, to ensure they are empowered to make the right choice keeping in mind the real issue to resolve. I will help them build a positive relation with each where possible.

Experience and qualifications

Small business dispute

Retail lease disputes

Family disputes

Cultural associations

Workplace disputes

Trust & Estate planning

As a Tax Officer at the ATO. I provided taxation mediation through the in-house facilitation service. 

Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Business - Accounting, Masters in Taxation. Mediation Accreditation, Cert IV in Government Project Management, Property Law, Ethics and Governance, TASA 2009 and the Code of Professional Conduct...

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