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Steven Goldstein

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About my services

Since being admitted to the NSW Bar in 1993, Steven has specialised in all types of building and construction disputes. Steven has acted as arbitrator, District Court arbitrator, Local Court arbitrator, mediator, District Court Referee, Supreme Court Referee and Expert Determiner. From 1990 to 1993 Steven was employed as an engineering consultant by Evans & Peck. From 1976 to 1990 Steven was a practising civil engineer in the construction of roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings etc in NSW, Victoria, ACT, Fiji and UK.

Experience and qualifications

Post Nominals

BE Civil; Dip. Law (NSW) Barrister at law; MIE Aust; CP Eng

Other ADR Experience

Nominee of Institute of Arbitrators in Commercial Arbitrations and Expert Determinations since 2005; Nominee of ACDC for Arbitrations and Expert Determinations since 1999; Private nominations as Arbitrator, Expert Determiner and Mediator since 2005; District Court Referee since 2006; District Court Arbitrator 2002 - 2003 Local Court Arbitrator 2002 - 2003; Lecturer in IAMA Arbitration Course since 2005

Steven is currently the President of Region 3 DRBF and is a director of the Executive Board of the DRBF. Steven has acted as a Dispute Avoidance Board Member on numerous large civil engineering projects worth in excess of $5 billion and has acted as Chair of the DAB on projects on a number of occasions.

Cases Handled

As an arbitrator, Steven has undertaken numerous medium to large construction disputes primarily involving issues such as delays, variations and defects.

As an Expert Determiner, Steven has undertaken numerous, medium to very large construction disputes on hospitals, dams, roads, earthworks, multi-storey buildings and civil engineering structures.

As a mediator, Steven has assisted the parties in resolving well over 100 small to large construction disputes.





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