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John Fisher

JP Fisher Consulting

Western Australia and NT
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About my services

Arbitrator, adjudicator, mediator - construction, commercial, community. I have run my own practice in project recovery and dispute resolution since 2008. In 40 years experience of international construction experience I developed profitable consultancy businesses in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. I help clients to resolve their disputes by investigating the best ADR process (or processes) to use in their particular circumstances. I'm a strategic thinker, an empathetic listener and solution driven.

Experience and qualifications

Post Nominals


Other ADR Experience

Selected Dispute Resolution Experience



Senior Sessional Member hearing or mediating disputes to $600,000 WA State Administrative Tribunal 2012-18



Appointed one of the first four adjudicators in WA, 2004 and first in NT, 2005.

Advised NT Government on adjudicator training - the WA experience, 2005.

Adjudicator on various disputes $20,000 to $80m in building, infrastructure and mining sectors WA 2006-19

Prepared and presented IAMA/ Resolution Institute adjudicator training course annually 2007-15.

Prepared and presented NT Govt. adjudicator training course 2006

Prepared various applications for and responses to adjudication 2007 -2016.



Arbitrator on numerous construction and development disputes 2012-19

IAMA WA Chapter Chairman responsible for all WA arbitration nominations 2008-11

Expert witness residential development arbitrations WA 2010 and 2011.

Expert witness in arbitration following piling failure and building collapse, Malaysia. AUS$ equivalent $1m 1990.

Expert in $6,000,000 EOT claim on civil works NT 2010.

Prepared claims for various arbitrations.


Conciliation and Expert Determination

Conciliator $5m dispute over road construction, Australia, 2016

Conciliator $4m dispute over design costs, Australia 2017

Expert determination of $1,400,000 EOT and variations dispute, rail works, WA 2008.

Expert determination subdivision dispute $500,000 WA 2012.



Negotiator $40,000,000 dispute on road works 2013

Negotiator $12,000,000 EOT claim, major building works WA 2010.

Negotiator $10,000,000 professional indemnity claim WA 2012.

Negotiator $4,500,000 variations and liquidated damages claim 2011.

Negotiator in multinational, multicurrency commercial dispute in EU 2003



Mediator in several EOT and variation costs disputes between contractor and government. $1,600,000.

Mediator over 50 domestic construction disputes Perth to $1,500 to $200,000.

Mediator mining dispute Pilbara 2015.

Mediator various retail tenant lease disputes and franchising disputes 2018.

Mediator various family and community disputes 2018.



Lecturer in alternative dispute resolution to University of Western Australia MBA and BSc students 2006

Adjudicator on SCRAM competition; a programme teaching mediation to high school children

Trainer of new adjudicators and coach on mediation course for Resolution Institute


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