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Louise Mathias

Louise Mathias Barrister | Mediator | FDRP | Collaborative Coach | Arbitrator | Emotional Intelligence Coach

About my services

Louise Mathias is a Barrister, Advanced Trained Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS), FDRP, Advanced Trained Collaborative Coach, Family Law Arbitrator and Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach.  

She practices with an evaluative bespoke model, combining technical legal skills with human competencies to determine, not only the obvious in a dispute but what may be underlying the dispute to reach resolution that everyone can live with. 

Louise has attended Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation course -  "Negotiation, Leadership and How to Handle Difficult Conversations".  

She has completed a Diploma of Leadership and Management to assist managers and firms overcome workplace employee disputes. 

She is available to train firms, managers and employees in emotional intelligence skills. 

Louise is a member of the following ADR committees:

  1. Bar Association of NSW
  2. Australian Dispute Resolution Association (ADRA) - Chair or Student Engagement Sub- Committee

Louise is appointed to the following Mediation Panels:

  • District and Supreme Court 
  • Department of Communities and Justice
  • Family Law Settlement Service (Law Society)
  • Immediation - Online

For more information to http://www.sydneybarrister.net.au



Experience and qualifications

Louise is a family law non court dispute resolution expert/specialist. 

She mediates many other areas of dispute as the principles of negotiation and mediation are applicable across the board. 

She accepts briefs in:

> Medical Negligence

> Institutional Abuse

>Administrative Law (Housing and Discrimination)

> Inquests

Find out more at www.sydneybarrister.net.au

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