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Louise Mathias

Louise Mathias Barrister | Mediator

About my services

Louise is a Barrister and Mediator at Elizabeth Street Chambers, Sydney CBD. Louise focuses on the 'soft skills' of managing people in conflict, particularly those in high conflict situations, to aim to achieve the greatest outcomes and client satisfaction.  She uses both facilitative and/or evaluative type mediation models, depending on the circumstances of each case, where each case is assessed individually.     

For more information:   www.sydneybarrister.net.au



Experience and qualifications

I am a Barrister, Mediator Family Law Arbitrator & Collaborative Coach. I  have been qualified as a NMAS mediator since 2014. I have been involved in mediations both as a mediator and representing clients in family law, victims of institutional abuse and medical negligence.  I see varying mediation styles, however, regardless of personal style,  I believe there are certain underlying principles that assist clients reach settlement, which I aim to implement in my mediations, both prior to and during the mediation process.

Find out more at www.sydneybarrister.net.au

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