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Peter Kassapidis

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Peter was admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia in 2011 and the High Court of Australia in 2012. His main practice areas have included civil and commercial law (contentious and non-contentious), estates litigation, risk management and dispute resolution. 

Throughout his legal career, Peter has been actively involved in legal education at both graduate and post-graduate levels. He is an Associate Teacher at the University of Adelaide where he has tutored and lectured. He was formerly a tutor for the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme managed by Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education.

Peter was first introduced to mediation theory during his post-graduate studies. He thereafter applied the knowledge he gained to assist his clients reach commercially sound outcomes. Since then, he was appointed to the Panel of Privately Qualified Mediators of the Magistrates Court of South Australia. He also acts as a private mediator outside of the court-connected context.

Peter has conducted a variety of mediations where some or all disputants have been unrepresented and others have been multi-party disputes involving lawyers and counsel on all sides. He also has experience in cross-cultural and multi-lingual mediation with the use of interpreters and mediating with litigants with special needs.

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