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Greg Rooney

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Greg Rooney conducts a private mediation, arbitration, Dispute Systems Design and Project Alliancing practice in Australia. He has been a practising lawyer for 17 years. He retired from full time legal practice in 1996 and to practice as a full time ADR professional.   He has completed more than 2,000 mediations since 1991.

He has mediated in a diverse range of conflicts including multi-party disputes involving government institutions, commercial and industrial disputes, agricultural disputes, franchise disputes, matrimonial disputes and disputes involving conflict in the workplace.

Greg is a Director of the Mediator Standards Board that regulates the Australian National Mediation Accreditation Scheme. He has been appointed by a number of state and federal governments in Australia as a statutory conciliator and arbitrator for a number of government programs.

For the last eleven years Greg has mediated over 200 face-to-face mediations between religious leaders and individual victims of sexual abuse in the Catholic, Anglican and Protestants religions in Australia as well as abuse within the Australian Defence Forces.

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