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Sarah Rey

Justititia Lawyers and Consultants

Melbourne Metro and Regional Victoria
About my services

Fair, independent, balanced and experienced describe Sarah's approach to mediating employment related disputes and grievances.

Sarah is a solicitor with 30 years experience working with organisations to put in place the best practices for dealing with conflict.

Mediation is a key tool in facilitating resolution of long standing disputes, breaking the pattern of ongoing grievance and gridlocked relationships.

Sarah works with both managers and employees to assist them in finding a sustainable solution to their unique set of issues.

Sarah is brings her insights and facilitation skills to all her mediations, which she has gained as the managing partner of highly regarded law firm consultancy Justitia, and as a director and chairperson of various bodies.

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Experience and qualifications

Sarah is an experienced mediator, and has been representing parties in mediations and conciliations for over 30 years.

Sarah is qualified solicitor with a bachelor and masters of law from the University of Melbourne.  She is a member of the Advisory Committee for the University of Melbourne's Centre of Employment and Industrial Relations Law. She is a Director of the US Association of Workplace Investigators, and co-chair of the Australasian chapter.

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