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Paul Lewis

Gadens Lawyers

Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional areas by arrangement
About my services

Mediator and DR advisor in the 'Hard Cases'

  • Family Law and other interpersonal disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Community matters

As a NMAS mediator and NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in Dispute Resolution, I mediate in a broad range of cases or provide advice as a consultant on early and ''late stage'' resolution options in all types of disputes. I can be engaged as an external advisor to a client participating in a mediation process, that is, in addition to the legal representatives that they have engaged.

For example, I may be consulted by a party to assist with the passage of commercial cases before they reach Court or during entrenched litigation. I may be engaged by one of the parties directly involved in a family or commercial dispute or by a third party or other stakeholder affected by a claim or dispute between people or companies who are at odds with each other.

I provide an evaluative model of mediation for the constructive settlement of financial matters under the Family Law Act, 1975. I mediate such cases on the basis of parties attending with their lawyers or attending without their lawyers. Long running or complex matters may benefit from a co-mediation model- I arrange a co-mediator when a co-mediation is desirable.

Experience and qualifications

Practising mediator in family law and community mediation settings since 1993. Dispute resolution experience includes commercial and workplace mediation and the mediation of civil claims and interpersonal disputes.

Pioneer of the use of an explicit model of Evaluative Mediation in family law (financial cases) in Sydney (since 2009.) One of the architects assisting the NSW Law Society with the design, establishment and empirical evaluation of the pilot of the FLSS (Family Law Settlement Service) in 2012. 

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